Charge Ready Home Installation Rebate FAQs

When did the “Charge Ready Home Installation Rebate” end and why?

The Charge Ready Home Installation Rebate is a one-year pilot program that launched May 30th, 2019. The last day to submit an application for this pilot was May 31st, 2019 at 5PM PST. No new applications can be submitted at this time.

What was the “Charge Ready Home Installation Rebate”?

Residential customers could receive a rebate of up to $1,500 toward their out-of-pocket costs for installation (including necessary home infrastructure upgrades) and permitting of a Level 2 (240-volt) charging station. To be eligible for the rebate, the customer must meet all Program requirements, including signing up for an eligible time-of-use rate and hiring a licensed electrician to perform the installation. The rebate did not cover any costs of purchasing the charging station.

Does SCE have any other programs for EVs?

Customers can visit to learn more about other EV-related programs or services, and to get more information about EVs. SCE also offers the Clean Fuel Rewards Program, which gives a $450 rebate to qualified customers who purchase or lease plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles.

Program Terms & Conditions

  1. To be eligible for the Charge Ready Home Installation Rebate, you must (i) be a customer of Southern California Edison (SCE) with an active residential electric service account, including Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) and Direct Access (DA) customers; (ii) within six months of applying for the rebate, have purchase or leased a qualified plug-in electric vehicle (EV) that is registered at the address corresponding to the SCE service account; (iii) have paid the current vehicle registration fees in the State of California; (iv) have installed or plan to install a Level 2 charging station. A Level 2 charging station is a charging station that is connected to a 240-volt power source and typically ranges between 3.3 and 19.2 kW.
  2. You confirm your understanding of the program Eligibility Requirements and agrees to provide all required documents set forth in the program Eligibility Requirements and as otherwise required through the Application and document submission process.
  3. If applicable, you may receive a rebate for multiple residential Level 2 charging station installations at various locations for use with the same EV, and may receive more than one rebate at a residence if two or more EVs use separate charging stations at that residence, but only one rebate is available for the same vehicle at any one address. Each application may only request one rebate for a unique service address / vehicle combination. For each rebate application, a separate receipt and photograph must be provided. You agree not to apply, or to cause anyone else in his or her household to apply, for more than one rebate for the same service address and same EV.
  4. The current rebate amount is set forth on the application. Rebate amounts are subject to change at any time and may be greater or less than the current value posted in the application in the future. Rebate funds are limited, and some rebate funds are reserved for customers living in disadvantaged communities, as defined by the CalEnviroScreen 3.0, a tool offered by the California Environmental Protection Agency. The remainder of the funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  5. If the customer name entered on the application does not match the name shown on the vehicle registration exactly, customer agrees that SCE, in its discretion, may make minor edits to the applicant's name to match that on the vehicle registration card. (ex., Tom to Thomas). SCE, or the Program Administrator, will secure email or verbal permission by the customer prior to making such minor change.
  6. Incomplete or incorrect applications will not be processed. Applications must include all required information, including documentation of vehicle registration, documentation of the registration fees paid, and receipts for electrical work and permitting fees in accordance with the rebate requirements. Important Note:  The name and address on the Application must match exactly the name and address of at least one person listed on the vehicle registration card, or your application may be rejected.
  7. Applicant must submit its application within six months of purchase/lease of EV in order to be eligible for rebate.  Funds will be reserved at the time the applicant initiates the application, but the Applicant must complete the application and submit all required documents within the earlier of 60 days of initiating the application and the end date of the Program. If applicant does not submit its completed application within 60 days of initiation or prior to the end date of the program, the reserved funds will be released and the application will be cancelled.  Rebate availability is subject to change at any time.
  8. Home electrical upgrade work must be performed by a licensed electrician as evidenced by an itemized and subtotaled electrician’s receipt displaying the electrician’s license number.  You are not eligible for the rebate if the work was initiated before either November 22, 2017, or more than 6 months before your application date.
  9. The Program terms and conditions, including the rebate amount, are subject to change or termination at any time by SCE and/or the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). By participating in the Program, you agree that any information provided in your application, and any information collected by SCE regarding your participation in the Pilot (such as aggregated on-peak and off-peak usage, TOU rate enrollment, etc.), may be used internally by SCE for data collection or other purposes and may be made available to the CPUC, the California Air Resources Board, and potentially other third parties.
  10. You authorize SCE or an authorized third party to send you email messages related to your application. You: (i) acknowledge that you are the authorized user of the email address provided in the application; (ii) grant SCE express permission to send emails related to your application to that email address until such permission is expressly revoked by you; and (iii) notwithstanding that this email address may be on the federal or a state's Do Not Contact list, acknowledge that such emails sent by SCE shall not be in violation of any Do Not Contact list(s).
  11. If necessary, SCE may request additional documentation from you to confirm eligibility for the Rebate.
  12. SCE will send the Rebate payment directly to the customer listed on the application or, if customer consents, to an eligible licensed electrical contractor the applicant designates in the on-line application. Applicant is responsible for paying all tax liability imposed as a result of receiving the Rebate. Applicant should consult a tax advisor concerning the taxability of the Rebate, and SCE is not responsible for any taxes imposed on Applicant as a result of receipt of the Rebate.
  13. SCE makes no representations, expressed or implied, regarding the design, construction, reliability, efficiency, performance, operation, maintenance, or use of any EV charging station and/or any work performed on customer’s house to connect the EV charging station, discussed, selected, rejected, purchased/ leased or otherwise considered by customer. Any decisions regarding the selection, design, purchase/lease, use and operation of any EV charging station and the electric contractor performing the work shall be at the sole discretion and are the sole responsibility of the customer. SCE does not guarantee energy or bill savings as a result of this Rebate, and your energy bill may increase as a result of using the charging equipment.
  14. Release and Indemnification: Applicant agrees to release and hold harmless SCE, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees and contractors from and against any and all causes of action, damages, losses, claims, expenses, demands, costs (including attorneys’ fees and expenses and all court, arbitration or other dispute resolution costs), or any of them, resulting from, arising out of, or in any way directly connected with this Program, the work performed in connection with the Level 2 charging station, Applicant’s receipt of the Rebate, failure to receive the Rebate, any taxes associated therewith, or Applicant’s vehicle registration or registration status. SCE makes no representations or warranties regarding whether Applicant will or will not qualify to receive the Rebate.