Charge Ready Home Installation Rebate

Charge Ready Home Installation Rebate

A Reward for Fueling with Clean Energy

For a limited time, Southern California Edison (SCE) is offering a rebate program to help electric vehicle (EV) drivers offset the cost of installing and permitting the necessary electric infrastructure for certain types of home EV charging.

Through the Charge Ready Home Installation Rebate Program, residential customers can receive a rebate of up to $1,500 toward their out-of-pocket costs for the electrical upgrades and permitting fees necessary to allow installation of a Level 2 (240-volt) EV charging station The rebate does not cover the cost of the charging stations, but it will help cover the cost of installing and permitting the charging station. The electrical upgrades eligible for the rebate may include a new 240-volt circuit and socket, new or upgraded panel, new meter socket, and permit fees. In order to receive the rebate, the applicant must be a customer of SCE and enroll in an eligible SCE Time-Of-Use (TOU) rate. TOU rates are based on the time of day and the season when electricity is used, and these rate plans can help customers manage their energy costs by taking advantage of lower rates during off-peak and super-off-peak periods.

Rebate Options

This program offers two different rebate options to suit the varying needs of EV drivers that have recently purchased or leased EVs. Find out more about residential rate plans on SCE's webpage for residential EV Rates

Standard Rebate: Up to $500

  • This rebate is available to customers that sign up for a residential TOU rate for their entire home for at least 24 months
  • This rebate option does not require a separate meter or service panel, will charge your EV through your existing service panel on an eligible whole-home TOU rate
  • The upgrades necessary to install the Level 2 charging station must be performed by a licensed electrician
  • The rebate may be applied toward the following costs: electrician labor for the installation of and materials required for the 240-volt circuit and permit fees
  • Contact 1 (888) 991 5723 to understand more about this rebate option

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Increased Rebate: Up to $1,500

  • This rebate is available to customers that sign up for a TOU-EV-1 residential rate, which is a rate applied only to EV charging (not the whole home), for at least 24 months
  • This option requires that SCE install a new dedicated meter for the EV. SCE will install the new meter at no additional cost to the customer (the costs are accounted for in the TOU-EV-1 rate), but this option will likely increase your EV installation costs
  • Before having your electrician prepare your home for the new meter installation, you or your electrician should contact SCE at 1-800-4EV-INFO and consult SCE’s Electrical Service Requirements
  • The necessary upgrade work and Level 2 (240-volt) charging station installation must be completed by a licensed electrician
  • This rebate may be applied toward the following costs: new panel to house the separate meter, electrician labor for the installation of and material required for the 240-volt circut, and permit fees
  • Contact 1 (888) 991 5723 to understand more about this rebate option

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Charge Ready Home Installation Rebate Eligibility Requirements

The following eligibility requirements apply to the Standard Rebate Option and the Increased Rebate Option for the Charge Ready Home Installation Rebate.

Please refer to the FAQs for additional information on program requirements and contact us with any questions.

  1. You are a customer of Southern California Edison (SCE) with an active residential electricity account in SCE’s service territory.
  2. You have purchased or leased an eligible plug-in EV listed on Drive Clean no earlier than six months before the date you apply for the rebate. For this Program, both plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and battery electric vehicles are eligible for the rebate, but, notwithstanding their inclusion on Drive Clean, electric bikes, electric motorcycles, electric scooters and neighborhood vehicles are not eligible for the rebate.
  3. The vehicle, identified by its unique vehicle identification number (VIN), must be registered to the same residential address as the address on the SCE electric service account provided in your application. The SCE Service Account does not need to be in your name. Vehicles registered to business addresses are not eligible.
  4. If you do not own the property where the vehicle is registered, written approval of the property owner to perform the electrical upgrades is required. (see: Home Owner /HOA Authorization form. for a template letter to secure property owner approval)
  5. You have paid the current vehicle registration fees in the State of California and are able to submit a digital copy or photo of your vehicle registration. Please refer to the Sample Supporting Documents PDF for examples of accepted vehicle registration copies.
  6. You have a dedicated parking space at your residence to charge your electric vehicle. If you live in a multi-unit dwelling, such as a condominium or apartment building, you may need to secure approval to install the Level 2 charging station at your dedicated space.
  7. You have obtained or will obtain a Level 2 Charging Station (a Level 2 charging station is a charging station that it is connected to a 240 volt power source and typically ranges between 3.3 and 19.2 kW) that has been or will be installed by a licensed electrician.
  8. You are not eligible for the rebate if the work was initiated before either November 22, 2017, or more than 6 months before your application date.

Other Program Requirements

  1. Home electrical upgrade work required to install the Level 2 charging station must be performed by a licensed electrician as evidenced by an itemized and subtotaled electrician’s receipt displaying the electrician’s license number. Please validate the license number on your itemized receipt here.
  2. Your charging station installation must comply with any codes, permitting, and inspection requirements applicable to your location.
  3. You must provide an itemized receipt from your electrician for the Level 2 charging station work (as specified below), as well as receipts for any permitting fees, and the rebate amount will match your actual costs for the EV charging station installation and permitting fees, up to the maximum rebate amount for your selected rebate option. The itemized receipt must include the price of each item installed, including labor and material costs, separately stated. The itemized receipt must include the date(s) the work was performed.
  4. You must provide a copy of required permit(s) obtained from your local authority, as well as a receipt of any fees paid for such permit(s). A building permit or similar permit is likely required by your local authority – you or your electrician must verify your jurisdiction’s permitting requirements and process.
  5. The full name and address you enter on the application must exactly match the full name and address provided on the vehicle's registration card.
  6. You must provide proof of purchase of a Level 2 charging station and a photograph of Level 2 charging station installed at the property.
  7. You must take service on a Residential TOU Rate for at least 24 months. For the Standard Rebate Option, you must sign up for an eligible whole home TOU rate, and for the Increased Rebate Option, you must sign up for a separately metered TOU rate dedicated only to charging your EV. In order to avoid having to pay SCE back-some or all of the rebate, the residential customer receiving the rebate must stay on the chosen TOU rate for at least 24 months. If you do not, then SCE has the right to request that you pay back a pro rata share of the rebate amount paid to you. For example, if you receive a $500 rebate and switch to a non-eligible SCE rate after one year, you may be obligated to pay SCE back up to $250.
  8. If you participate in this Pilot, you agree that SCE may conduct random spot checks at your residence to confirm that the work was performed properly. By conducting a spot check, SCE does not endorse, qualify, or guarantee the workmanship, installation, labor, cost or materials of the licensed electrician, and SCE is not responsible or liable for any of the work performed.

How to Apply for the Charge Ready Home Installation Rebate

If you are interested in applying for the rebate, here are some steps to help guide you through the process:

  1. Determine if you’re eligible, which includes making sure that you can apply for the rebate within 6 months of purchasing of leasing the eligible EV and that you have installed or plan to install a Level 2 EV charging station at your residence.
  2. Figure out which TOU rate plan works best for you. Once you decide, you’ll need to switch to the applicable rate plan. You can visit SCE’s website or call SCE at 1-800-4EV-INFO to get the info you need and to make the switch.
  3. Consult with a licensed electrician, obtain any required permits, and have the licensed electrician perform the electrical work and installation of the Level 2 charging station at your home. If you elect the Increased Rebate Option, you’ll need to have SCE install your new meter so that you can be metered on the TOU-EV-1 rate once your electrician is done installing the panel and meter socket where the meter will be installed. We recommend you consult with SCE before the electrician performs the installation work to ensure that there are no issues.
  4. Apply for the applicable rebate and upload required supporting documents including your purchase or lease agreement, vehicle registration, authorization from property owner (if required), itemized receipt from the licensed electrician including the date the work was performed, photo of the installed charging station, and copies of any permits. Note that we may request additional documentation if required in order to validate that your installation has been completed according to Program requirements.

To start the application process, the required information and documents you need are as follows:

  • Your SCE Service Account number. This number is located at the top of your SCE bill. If you’re not an SCE account holder, you’ll need the SCE Service Account number for the address to which your vehicle is registered.
  • Proof of purchase or lease of an eligible EV. Because you need to apply for the rebate within 6 months of purchasing or leasing the vehicle, you’ll need to upload the dated purchase or lease agreement for the vehicle. SCE cannot accept applications received more than 6 months after the date of the EV purchase or lease.
  • Current vehicle registration card. Upload an image of your current vehicle registration card to complete the application process.
  • Itemized receipt(s) from a licensed electrician. These receipts must be itemized and show the work done to upgrade your home to make it ready for home EV charging. The itemized receipt must clearly state the price for each item installed, including labor and material costs separately stated. The receipt or invoice must include the date the work takes place, and will be used to validate the total rebate amount paid. (i.e. you will not receive a rebate for more than the amount paid for the installation costs and permitting fees).  
  • Proof of purchase of Level 2 charging station and photo of installed charging station . You must also upload a proof of purchase demonstrating the purchase of a Level 2 charging station, and a clear photo showing the charging station installed at a dedicated parking space.
  • Copies of any required permits and Receipt for Permitting Fees. Typically, you need to obtain a permit to install a Level 2 charging station, and the rebate should help cover the permitting fees. Your licensed electrician may be able to help you secure any permits you need. Consult your local authority to understand what permits are required, and upload the final permit, as well as a receipt showing the permitting fees.
  • Authorization from property owner or HOA. If you rent the property, you must get permission from the property owner or HOA, if applicable, to install the charging station.

Important Note:  Ensure all information on your rebate application is correct and legible. Please ensure that the name and address match exactly the name and address on your EV’s registration card. Incomplete or incorrect applications will be returned to you.

When we receive your application, we’ll review it to confirm eligibility. We’ll send you an e-mail confirmation when your application is approved, and we’ll send your Charge Ready Home Installation Rebate check to the mailing address indicated in your application within approximately five to six weeks of your approval date.

Funding Availability

This rebate program will only be offered for a limited time or until funds run out. Funds are reserved once Applicant submits application, and will be issued by check upon validation of all eligibility requirements including approval of required document submissions. Fund reservation will be void if an application is cancelled or not approved because you do not submit all the required documentation within the specified time-frame, you submit incomplete or incorrect documentation, or for any other reason. Fifty percent of the rebate funds offered by SCE for the program will be reserved for residents living in Disadvantaged Communities, as defined by CalEnviroScreen 3.0.